Egg in vegetable ring

Having an egg for breakfast is good, it will be better when you have it sunny side up or like an omelet. But when I make it in a pan for my family, I can not make sure whether everyone has a whole egg or not (it is important to me to know if each of us has a complete unit of egg for the breakfast, not less and not more, it is a health suggestion). Also it is difficult to make eggs several times for everyone, so I came up with this idea – Egg in vegetable ring ….


  • Eggs
  • Various vegetables, (peppers, apple, tomato, baked potato, pineapple ring,…..)
  • Cheese (Cheddar, Mozzarella, feta …) based on your taste
  • Olive oil a little
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Egg in vegetable ring. Cooking:

This time I chose bell pepper, tomato, apple and boiled potato to make rings for my omelet. Simply cut across the veggies to make circles of about 1 centimeter or 1/4 inch thick. Be careful to cut them straight, we need the even surface for the rings because otherwise we will have leaking from the underneath of the ring into the pan. Empty inside the circle to form a ring.

egg in vegeteble ring

Place a pan with a little bit olive oil in it over medium heat. Arrange the ring(s) in the pan.

Egg in vegeteble ring

Pour the egg into the ring(s). Top it with some pieces of cheese and diced veggies (use the remains of veggies from emptying the inside of the rings, sometimes opposite colors make a beautiful contrast). Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

Egg in vegeteble ring

Lower the heat, cover the pan. Let the egg set to desired consistence (or if you want the egg to set quickly and evenly, simply in a small bowl whisk the egg with a fork then pour into the ring). If the egg runs from the underneath of the rings into the pan simply separate it from the edge of the ring and put it back inside the ring to cook with other ingredients.

Transfer the omelette or cooked eggs into the serving plate. Serve and enjoy.

Here are some other rings of eggs, respectively tomato, apple, cooked potato and bell pepper.

Egg in vegeteble ring


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